Can Scheduling Do That To Me?

If a pilot feels that Crew Scheduling is dealing with him in a manner that violates the CBA or FARs, he should proceed as follows:

  1. Discuss the issue with a Scheduling Supervisor and/or the manager of Crew Scheduling.
  2. Contact the FedEx Duty Officer at 877.FLT.DUTY.
  3. Contact your Fleet Captain or Fleet Manager.
  4. Contact FDX MEC Contract Enforcement via PDR:

901.842-2210 or 901.842.2211, 0900-1700 CT Mon-Fri or e-mail

If unable to resolve the issue in time:

  1. Inform Crew Scheduling that you will comply IF compliance will not violate FARs!!!
  1. Obtain the name and employee number of any Crew Scheduling personnel that you deal with.
  2. Keep copies of all paperwork (i.e. pairing and all revisions, flight plan release, etc.)
  • While operating the trip, keep in mind your responsibility regarding fatigue and adequate rest for you and your crew.
    • From CBA 12.A.9 – “A pilot who is excessively tired prior to actual check-in for a trip in base following a legal rest period shall notify CRS immediately and speak to a Fleet Captain or the Duty Officer about his situation…”
    • CBA 12.A.9.b – “A pilot who becomes excessively tired subsequent to actual trip check-in shall notify CRS immediately and talk to the Duty Officer about his situation.”
  • Remember that individual pilots bear joint responsibility with the company for complying with all FARs. This fact may bring a different perspective to the “Fly now, Grieve later,” for the pilot must ensure that he does not violate any FAR.
  • If a member desires to file a grievance, he should contact FDX MEC Contract Enforcement to begin the process as soon as practical. Keep in mind there is ordinarily a 60 calendar day period deadline to file a grievance following the date on which the pilot acquired knowledge, or reasonably should have acquired knowledge of the fact(s) or event(s) giving rise to the grievance.
  • Pilots should file a PDR (ALPA) and INSITE Reports (FedEx) for any pairing or scheduling issue which arises.
  • Pilots are reminded to use the Fatigue Reporting System on to bring attention to any positive and/or negative scheduling issues for a pairing/trip, and especially if calling in fatigued.