Jumpseat Guide

Jumpseat policy and contract provisions can be found in the following places: 


Also check jumpseatinfo.org for the most current listing procedures

  • To list for a BUSINESS or STAGING jumpseat:

    Business may be booked anytime within 72 hours of a company calendar activity – this prevents being bumped by a non-pilot. Consideration should be given to buying a ticket if you have a deviation bank to preclude possibly bumping a pilot with no bank.

    • Use the jumpseat website on pilot.fedex.com
    • Call Jumpseats 800-544-9040 or 901-224-5420, #2

    To list for a PERSONAL jumpseat:

    • Use the jumpseat website on pilot.fedex.com
    • Call Jumpseats 800-544-9040 or 901-224-5420, #2

    To request a jumpseat on a CHARTER flight email: charterops@fedex.com

    You must list at least 1 hour prior domestic, 2 hours prior int’l.

    Always remember to ask the Captain’s permission to ride on the airplane – being listed as a jumpseater does not give you the right to ride! ALWAYS ASK – both on and offline.

    Catering is not provided on domestic flights unless scheduled for the jumpseat and domestic catering parameters are met.

    The captain email system is a company policy; reference FOM Section 2 to determine which aircraft can be booked prior with the Captain’s permission. If necessary, e-mail the Captain (cc: jrp@emc.fedex.com) asking permission to ride in the cockpit – include the flight number and zdate in the subject. Captains approving the request should “reply all.”

    ALWAYS call jumpseats WHEN BOOKED in STANDBY to determine your bump eligibility. If you do not have bump authority and decide to make other arrangements, please cancel your standby reservation ASAP so that another pilot may book the jumpseat.

    Reservations must be cancelled AT LEAST TWO HOURS PRIOR if booked in BUSINESS and at least SIX HOURS PRIOR if booked as personal or staging in accordance with company policy. A no-show for a BUSINESS jumpseat may result in lost privileges for 2 days; a no-show for other jumpseats may result in a suspension of 30 days for the first offense and 90 days for a second offense. Always contact the MEC if this occurs. Depending on circumstances, privileges have been reinstated.

    Neither the company nor global travel may EVER suggest jumpseating on another airline in support of company business (to do so is a violation of jumpseat protocol and policy). A deadhead ticket must always be provided with rare operational circumstances requiring use of FedEx jumpseat. In that case, when the contract parameters are met, the company may schedule a pilot to ride on a FedEx jumpseat for company business.

    Call 901.797.4106 in MEM when jumpseating with golf clubs/bikes!

  • Casual attire is approved as proper dress while traveling on FedEx only.

    In all cases, you must present a neat and clean appearance. As a safety measure appropriate footwear and attire are required to ride any jumpseat.

    The following items are considered inappropriate jumpseat attire:

    • Micro-miniskirts, shorts, t-shirts/shirts with no collar, jogging suits, workout clothing-sweats, bare midriff, tight and/or sheer/see through clothing, tank, sheer, strapless, or spaghetti strap tops, beach clothing.
    • High heeled shoes, sandals, mules, or spiked-heeled shoes are considered unsafe footwear and are not permitted.
    • Jumpseating is not permited while you have a beard or goatee.
  • Bumping must be coordinated with Jumpseat Administration.  If you are trying to get on a flight that is full with Business or Staging priority, you may bump Personal travel status within the business day restrictions of FedEx policy.  The bumping pilot must call Jumpseat Administration and ask if there are any reservations that they may bump.  The only way Business bumps staging is in the event of a tail swap and less seats are available.  As a FedEx pilot traveling within 72 hours of a VIPs Calendar activity, you are authorized by flight management to utilize Business priority ANYTIME.  This includes between your staging address and base, or anywhere in the field.  In any case, last minute bumps should be coordinated with the PIC.

  • For jumpseat procedures, rules, and policies applying to other FedEx employees traveling aboard FedEx aircraft, please refer to the FOM. In short, to occupy a flight deck jumpseat, a non-pilot company business jumpseater must be a GOC dispatcher (required annual observation); or on the approved list on pilot.fedex.com; or approved by individual authorization letter; or in possession of an FAA Form 8430, with a specific travel date and specific flight authorized. All other non-pilot jumpseaters (Business or Not) MUST RIDE IN BACK and only on IRCD equipped aircraft. At show time, if you question the cockpit access authority of the traveler contact the Duty Officer and Jumpseat Administration. Follow-up with the MEC Jumpseat Chairman and always check company ID and expiration date, regardless of possession of a company policy issued boarding pass.

  • Under current FedEx policy, only pilots of other approved CASS airlines can ride a domestic jumpseat or courier seat.

    Call Offline Jumpseat Reservations 1-866-357-5711 and provide the agent with the required information. If the phone line is busy or not answered, do not leave a message. Offline procedures (OJS Guidelines) are available on the jumpseat page of the ALPA website.

    An offline pilot may make a reservation no less than one hour prior to the scheduled flight. Operating FedEx pilots should always check with jumpseats before heading to your aircraft at any hub.  It is possible an off line pilot has listed and showed AFTER your release was published.  In this case you may not know the pilot has listed and is waiting until you receive your weight and balance—then it’s too late!

    The FedEx flight schedule is available three weeks in advance via the FDX MEC website or the ALPA National JS Committee website – jumpseatinfo.org

  • CASS allows for pilots of a participating airline to ride in the cockpit jumpseat of another CASS airline, subject to electronic verification. All CASS airlines are vetted by FedEx ALPA and FedEx management for viable reciprocity; hence all CASS airlines may not be authorized for reciprocity with FedEx. If you would like ALPA to consider authorizing a specific carrier, contact the FedEx Jumpseat Committee. Company ID, medical, and pilots license are required to jumpseat using CASS. Passports are no longer required by the TSA but may be required by individual airline policy. Most airlines currently not participating in CASS allow FedEx pilots to ride as a jumpseater if an empty seat is available in the cabin. The following guidelines and restrictions should be observed while jumpseating on another airline, unless otherwise noted:

    • Jumpseat riding is ALWAYS subject to Captain’s discretion and applicable FARs. Company ID, FAA, medical certificates, and (when asked) passport should be presented to the agent and/or the Captain.
    • Never Jumpseat on a flight in which you also hold a revenue ticket. Never allow a gate agent to talk you into jumpseating on a flight on which you hold a revenue ticket. Both these actions seriously violate jumpseat protocol and immediately jeopardize our offline jumpseat agreements.
    • Dress code is uniform, business, or business casual as stated (no jeans off line).
    • Jumpseat availability should be first come, first serve, however, today most airlines give their own pilots and subsidiaries a higher priority. Most airlines allow multiple jumpseat riders when open cabin seats are available.
    • Check-in procedures vary by airport and airline. Allow sufficient time to check in at either the ticket counter, gate, or in some cases both. As a uniformed pilot, liquid and gel restrictions do not apply. Current TSA rules do not require a boarding pass to pass through screening, however in a very few airports, you may be required to get a jumpseat boarding pass from the ticket counter. (File a Jumpseat and Security Report). A few airlines allow a prospective jumpseater to make a non-rev listing (PNR) prior to travel by calling their reservations number during off-peak times (not during normal business hours).
    • Remember, jumpseating is a PRIVILEGE requiring professional conduct at all times. Be courteous to agents when requesting the jumpseat. Always ask the Captain’s permission and offer thanks for the ride, even if occupying a cabin seat. Never let an agent rush you past the cockpit without asking the Captain’s permission. FARs require the Captain know you’re aboard, and as evidenced by several thousand archived NASA reports—you may be utilized as a crewmember in the event of a security or emergency event. 
  • Myidtravel.com – Interline Travel Benefits

    To utilize, MUST FIRST take “Travel Certification Test!”

    • Must pass the test before purchasing discounted tickets
    • Must retake certification test every 6 months

    To take Travel Certification Test:

    • Must be on FedEx Intranet computer with Flash installed
    1. Enter CTMS in keyword search
    2. Login to system with Employee # and VIPS password
    3. Click “Student” in main menu (on left)
    4. Click “Catalog” and then click “Search”
    5. Type “Interline Discount Travel” in title field then “Submit”
    6. Link to test appears, click on “GLBTRVL”
    7. Click on “Interline Discount Travel” then “Intro” to begin
    • Must successfully complete all 5 sections. Many questions require the selection of multiple answers – select all that apply. If you miss one, back up and try again.
    • Print out and refer to FAQs, info helpful on test.
    • Time required for test is approximately 45 minutes.

    To Register:

    • Go to myidtravel.com and click “Register.”
    • Username is FedEx employee number.
    • Instructions self-explanatory. List all eligible dependents.

    Some airlines utilize myidtravel.com/myidlisting for jumpseat listing.

    • Select employing airline = FedEx
    • username = FXStaff
    • password = 023