Relocation/Move Package

Move Package – Under our new CBA, all newly hired pilots are entitled to a relocation package (see 6.B.1.)  For those of you not awarded an FDA crew position or an ANC crew position, you are entitled to “Move Package #2” (excluding the allowance) as defined in our new contract.

Check out Sections 6.B and 6.D.  Generally, you are entitled to a shipment of household goods (up to 16,500 lbs.) to your base, and temporary storage (90 days).    There are further distance limitations concerning where you are moving from and where you are moving to that are found in Section 6.B., along with reimbursement obligations if, after relocating, you move outside a 100 nautical miles radius from your base within 18 months of completion of your relocation, or you do not actually complete your relocation within 18 months.  In addition, with the “first crew position package,” there is an additional reimbursement obligation under Section 6.B.12. if you subsequently are awarded a new crew position in a different geographic location and are awarded a training slot or base transfer date that is within 36 months following the completion of the relocation.

Your point of contact at the company is:

Anita Gustafson
Sr. Global Mobility/Relocation Analyst
Relocation-FedEx Express

Office: 901-224-6820

Fax: 901-492-3799