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Captain Vic Tansey

Committee Members

  • First Officer Sooz Corej (MEM)
  • Captain Jon Scilken
  • First Officer Chris Tansey
  • Captain Matt McCort
  • Captain Nate Lewis
  • First Officer Erik Gott
  • First Officer Caitlin Baldwin
  • First Officer Kevin Criddle
  • Captain Josh Hallett (CGN)
  • First Officer Doug Glendening (HKG)

New Hire Class

On Tuesday 6 March, four Members of the ALPA Membership Committee had the pleasure of meeting and greeting our latest class of new hires. We had 26 new hires in this class; 20 were assigned MEM 757 and six were assigned MEM A300. Pilots came from Delta, United, Southwest, Jet Blue, ATLAS, Air Wisconsin, Republic, Endeavor, PSA and Corporate Air. Several came form from the USAF, and YES, 1 Marine. Semper Fi Brother.
The new caboose and most famous pilot is Kevin Maceri, Seniority number is 4819.
Please help us welcome: Kevin Gritten, Chris Hawn, George Meyer, Toby Cline, JD Waddell, Kevin Dormer, Scott Ditto, Seth Rann, Paul Cory, Tony Stolarczyk, Evan Gallegos, Jason Erklouts, Clint Eichelberger, Lucas Walker, Stephen Andrews, Eric Waquespack, Jon Goodwin, Travis Wells, Mark Anderson, Jason Brackin, Josh DeLee, Chris Johnson, Jason Hilbert, Nik Schumacher, Dustin Newell and Kevin Maceri **  
Please join me in welcoming our latest class of new hires!
Welcome aboard, gentlemen!

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