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Captain Vic Tansey

Committee Members

  • First Officer Sooz Corej (MEM)
  • First Officer Doug Glendening (HKG)
  • Captain Jon Scilken
  • First Officer Chris Tansey
  • First Officer Matt McCort
  • First Officer Nate Lewis
  • First Officer Erik Gott
  • First Officer Jeff Stamen (CGN)

New Hire Class

Three volunteers from the FDX Membership Committee as well as MEC Secretary Treasurer Rich Zins had the pleasure of giving a “Welcome Aboard” presentation on  behalf of FDX ALPA to our newest pilots and many of their spouses on October 9th. The new hires were assigned as MEM-based First Officers in the MD-11, A-300, B-757 as well as CDG 757 and HKG 767. Our newest pilots have a diverse background, hailing from military and civilian backgrounds. Please join us in welcoming our newest pilots to the FedEx pilot seniority list! The famous caboose seniority number is 4703.


Please help us welcome:
Gabriel Martin, Travis Zimmer, Jeremy West, Kevin Sapp, Jennifer Johnson, Brian Wallingford, Jason Fox, Henrik Johansson, Jeffery Barta, Tyler Klassen, Matthew Garner, Mike Marino, Michael Arnold, Justin Dupuy and Robert Prenton. 

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