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Captain Vic Tansey

Committee Members

  • First Officer Sooz Corej (MEM)
  • First Officer Doug Glendening (HKG)
  • Captain Jon Scilken
  • First Officer Chris Tansey
  • First Officer Matt McCort
  • First Officer Nate Lewis
  • First Officer Erik Gott
  • First Officer Jeff Stamen (CGN)

New Hire Class

Your Membership Committee had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming our newest pilots to FedEx. A class of 23 started on September 11th. They came from diverse backgrounds; Atlas, Jet Blue, Southwest, Compass, Endeavor, ExpressJet, Republic, Go-Jet, Aloha Cargo, Honeywell, Corporate, NASA, USAF, USN, ANG and yes, 2 Marines! They were assigned MEM FO on the MD-11, A300, and 757. We also have 2 heading to HKG and 1 to CGN. The famous caboose number is 4677. Please join me in welcoming aboard our latest new hires.


Please help us welcome:

Eric Lopkoff, John Koppel, Scott Nyberg, Conner Wong, Dave Brown, John Stansfield, Bill Walker III, Alexander McMahon, Bob Werneth, Kyle Self, Ian Stone, Matt Barbee, Tim Morris, Greg Gaff, Joel Taylor, Jennifer Koch, Daniel Powell, Dave Little, Jesse Maugans, Daniel Johnson, Bill Rieke, Brad Lane, and John Reece.

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