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Captain Vic Tansey

Committee Members

  • First Officer Sooz Corej (MEM)
  • First Officer Doug Glendening (HKG)
  • Captain Jon Scilken
  • First Officer Chris Tansey
  • First Officer Matt McCort
  • First Officer Nate Lewis
  • First Officer Erik Gott
  • First Officer Jeff Stamen (CGN)

New Hire Class

On Tuesday 9 January, 3 members of the FDX ALPA Membership Committee along with MEC Chairman Captain Chuck Dyer and MEC Vice Chairman Captain John Cardaci, had the pleasure of meeting and welcoming our first class of new hires for 2018 .  
This class of 20 new hires were all assigned MEM B-757 first officers. Their backgrounds were diverse, hailing from USAF, USN, ANG, Delta, Spirit, JetBlue, Compass, Skywest, Sun Country, ABX, Trans States, Express Jet and Net Jets. Alas, no Marines!
As a side note, FedEx hired 428 pilots in 2017. Also, the old famous caboose leather vest was retired, as all the free space was filled up with the traditional pins and mementos the former caboose wearers all adorned it with.
In 2018, a new vest was issued and the first pilot to wear it is FO Jeff Tredway, seniority #4660, our first caboose of 2018!
Please join me in welcoming our latest class of new hires!
Welcome aboard, gentlemen!


The Class:

Gabe Hundley, Todd Mason, Mike Weerasinghe, Kyle Hartman, Matt Woodruff, Andy Lauber, Matt Yeatter, Nick Schrampfer, Chris Huchins, Joshua McKeen, John Houck, Michael Nelson, Jude Gamel, Chris Clark, Rob Hegler, Kurt Kuhl, Jon Carlson, Chris Otis, Bo Acheson and Jeff Tredway

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