Mentor Program

The Membership Committee of FDX ALPA is starting a mentoring program for our new hire pilots. This program has been in the planning stages for several months. It is an initiative conceived and run by ALPA volunteer pilots and its focus will be to provide information, procedures and resources related to a career as a FedEx ALPA pilot, specifically during the first 12-15 months of employment. The intent is to assist new hires and help them successfully navigate through their probation period. We are sure that you would all agree that having a mentor available would be a great resource to them as they learn the FedEx system form.

As part of this initiative, we are implementing a 15-month mentoring program. As a potential mentor, we will provide you with training conducted by the program staff. This training will include: how to mentor, how to monitor a new hire’s progress, and provide you with important work-related items and discussion points. We will also cover some of the more common areas that may lead to irregularity reports, which potentially could lead to disciplinary proceedings.

We are seeking dedicated ALPA volunteers. As a perspective mentor, you will be required to follow up with assigned new hires (mentees) through monthly phone calls and/or in person meetings. The commitment on the part of the each mentor will be approximately 1-2 days each month. Each mentor will be assigned a new hire pilot or mentee(s) from the new hire classes. The mentor will be required to individually contact each of their mentees every month by phone or in person. Each mentor will have up to a maximum of 10 mentees assigned. We anticipate a 1-2 hour chat per month, per mentee. The mentor will also send progress reports to the Mentor Coordinator each month. This will be a long-term commitment, as the mentor will follow each mentee through their individual probationary period. We know though that it will be a rewarding experience for both mentor and mentee.

We are very excited about this new program. We hope that you will consider mentoring a new hire. The program has a projected start date for September with training occurring tentatively in August. We will initially start the program with a small cadre of mentors. As FedEx continues to hire more pilots and grow, so will the mentor program. Mentoring is a great way for us to make a positive difference in a new hire’s careers and will most likely form lifetime friendships. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please access the questionnaire here.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Captain Vic Tansey
FDX MEC Membership Chairman
(901) 752-8749 MEC Office
(480) 459-7369 Mobile

First Officer Chris Wilson
FDX MEC Mentor Coordinator

Nick Bolander
FDX MEC Mentoring Vice-Chairman