Mentor Program

The Membership Committee of FDX ALPA needs volunteers!

As most of you know, FDX ALPA started a Pilot Mentoring Program last fall. It has been a tremendous success so far. The Good news is that FedEx continues to hire and future hiring will be robust. The Bad news, because of this sustained hiring, we are in need of more Mentor volunteers.

With FedEx Pilot recruitment’s changing the former Pilot Sponsor program, many of our new hires do not have an internal FedEx Pilot contact. Mentoring is a great way for us to make a positive difference in new hire’s careers and you will most likely form lifetime friendships.

The Membership Committee is hosting another Mentor Training Seminar in September.

Simply access the link here to fill out a Questionnaire.

If you would like more information, please contact the Lead Mentor Coordinator FO Chris Wilson at or (901) 218-2742.

Captain Vic Tansey
FDX MEC Membership Chairman
(901) 752-8749 MEC Office
(480) 459-7369 Mobile

First Officer Chris Wilson
FDX MEC Mentor Coordinator